Articulating English word and phrases properly

Here are additional tips to improve your overall articulation: Imitate the Most Articulate Celebrities and Public Figures - Do your best impressions of highly articulate and successful talk show hosts, news anchors, radio hosts, actors, voice actors, etc. This is a great way to invoke benchmarks that you can use as comparisons to your own voice habits and articulation level.

  1. Practice Sentences and Paragraphs with Audio Recorders - Use audio editors such as Audacity(Free Audio Editor and Recorder) and Practice 15 - 30 minutes a day until your general speech habits improve. Place emphasis on words, sentences, and paragraphs that are most difficult for you to articulate. . repeat certain sentences and paragraphs until they soundto pleasant
  2. Visualize Yourself Speaking Well on National Television and in Front of Large Crowds - Believe it or not, your unsatisfactory speaking habits and articulation may be rooted in the fear of being the center of attention and embarrassing yourself. Your lack of articulation could result from tension and a certain level of social anxiety that result from your own thoughts and perceptions. Picture yourself talking in situations that you think are well out of your league, and you'll start to develop the peace of mind and confidence to articulate your speech carefully in situations that would normally intimidate you.

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